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  • Sold out temporarly, more units arriving 6/12. Refurbished units available and shipping now - Click Here.
  • ARC (Aural Resonance Cascade) is a project 2 years in the making. Over the years of selling our famous Objective2 and ODAC line of products we've received incredible feedback and suggestions in how to improve our products. We took all of it and designed a completely new platform from the ground up, only carrying over the enclosure from the Objective2 line. Our main focus was with the ARC was to bring in modern design and components, doing it better than the competition. We've somehow packed a powerful headphone amplifier, ultra-clean DAC, Microphone ADC and RCA jacks into an extremely small box, all while being made in the USA.

    ARC Features:
    • Built with a driverless DAC compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and the PS4.
    • High output headphone amplifier with 1 watt of power at 32 ohms.
    • Built-in bass boost DSP (Digital Sound Processor).
    • Handmade and individually tested in our US-based facility.
    • Digital Volume Control
    • Smart Sensing RCA Output Jacks
    • Optical (Toslink) Input
    • 100-240v 50-60hz power supply US Type Plug
    • Frequency Response: +/-0.05 dB (20Hz-20kHz)
    • THD 1 Khz 150 Ohms: 0.0026%
    • IMD CCIF 15 Ohms: 0.0007%
    • IMD SMPTE: 0.001%
    • Noise 24/96 (A Weighted): -109 dBu
    • Max Output (32 Ohms) : 1W (THD+N < 0.003%)
    • Max Output (150 Ohms): 365 mW (THD+N < 0.003%)
    • Max Output (600 Ohms): 92 mW (THD+N < 0.003%)
    • Output Impedance: 0.096 ohms
    • Crosstalk (150 ohms) : -65 dB
    • Channel Balance (50% volume): 0.2 dB
    • Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): > 120 dB
    • Linearity Error: -90 dBFS 24/96 -0.1 dB
    • USB Jitter Components: 11025Hz -112dB
    • RCA Line out: 1V RMS
    Audio formats
    • USB: 24/96, 24/48 - Driverless
    • Optical: 24/192, 24/96, 24/48, 24/44.1, 16/192, 16/96, 16/48, 16/44.1
    • ASIO Drivers available
    • 4.25” W x 3.25” L x 1.25” H
    • Weight: 8.5 oz.
    Power Supply
    • 100-240v 50-60hz US style plug. (Use US to local plug adapter if needed)
    • 5v DC, 2A with 6.5ft (2 Meter) long cable
    Current Stock:
    Weight: 1.00 LBS
    Width: 4.25
    Height: 3.25
    Depth: 1.20
    Release Date: Sold out temporarly, more units arriving 6/12

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    4 Stars
    Great Sound and Helps with Cables

    After eyeing this product for a couple of months and looking for others like it, I decided the ARC was a relatively unique product. It's neutral response like the O2+ODAC and option for microphone input at this price range weren't easily matched at the time of purchase. The product sounds great and the DSP bass boost adds just enough to help regain some depth for certain open-back headphones but not muddy those frequencies. The microphone input is great for reducing the number of cables that have to cross my desk. The quality of audio played through it is astoundingly better than the on-board audio for any electronic device I've used. Comparatively, all frequencies have much tighter response, especially the lower. Its driverless operation is also great, allowing me to switch OS's without any worry. The biggest drawback to this product is its quality control. The first unit I received was DOA. But Mayflower Electronic's customer service was very quick to respond and sent me a shipping label immediately. After receiving the second unit I got to enjoy it for a little while, where after a time it went sour again. But, support was still very helpful and sent a third unit. Shortly after receiving the third, I noticed a few quirks on occasion, such as the volume knob not having any effect, regardless of OS. The only solution was to unplug it from power for a short time. It's been a few more weeks now and the aforementioned bugs haven't surfaced again, everything seems well and good now. Despite the difficulty involved with receiving a functional unit, Mayflower Electronic's helpful support and its great sound saved its score for me. With a working unit, this product is definitely worthwhile.

    5 Stars
    Perfect entry level audiophile dac amp

    Upgraded from a Xonar Phoebus sound card to pair withmy HD 6xx. No problem powering them, the DPS is a nice touch when playing FPS games . Sound is Crystal clear and balanced the way I love it. Set on low gain and still plenty of juice for the 300ohm 6xxs. The rubber feet keep the guy in place on my desk. The USB cable could be longer but its not bad, and the amp still makes a small click sound when powered on. But those are pretty irrelevant compared to the quality and performance of the product. Perfect for my first external dac amp 10/10

    5 Stars

    Powerfull and convienent! More than capable of driving my K7xx. I leave my stereo hooked up to the line out on my PC ant the ARC takes over as the output when I turn it on. Too simple. No setup. It just works. The DSP aka bass boost adds a natural sounding low end boost making explosions and gun fire a bit more present. With out the DSP on you get a clear sound across the frequency spectrum. All the low end is still there. Just not in your face. If you have looked into this unit and wonder if it may be over hyped. It's not. Get one and see for your self. One of us. One of us. Lol

    5 Stars

    This has been the best time ever since I received my ARC. It works so well with my PS4.

    5 Stars
    Changed how I percieved Gaming Audio.

    I'm not an audiophile but I do have an obsession with headphones and gaming. For years I've been hearing people say "gaming headphones suck! Surround sound is bad and ruins the sound!" I do agree with the first part. Gaming headphones suck. But the second part I never agreed with. I loved surround sound. I couldn't game without it, "natural" game sounds were too flat and boring to me. It wasn't exciting. Then after watching Zeos from Z-Reviews on YouTube talk about the ARC, and hearing so much praise for Mayflower products from other audio lovers, I decided to give it a try. I thought to myself "I'll probably have the bass boost button on at all times to color the audio a bit" I was dead wrong. The ARC delivers a sound I never thought I would hear. I played some rainbow six siege and I was blown away. I was so used to my soundblaster G5 7.1 surround sound amp and DAC that I thought I would never hear anything better. I was so wrong. Every time I turned off surround sound and disabled any EQing I did, I was disappointed in the G5 thinking thats what games sounded like normally. Flat and boring. But the ARC delivers such vivid and EXCITING sound, and I dont even have the bass boost on! I prefer it off! I feel like I've rediscovered each pair of headphones that I own and now I'm relistening to all of them. If The ARC is your first Mayflower product like it was mine, you wont be disappointed. Buy it for gaming. I'm sure it sounds good for music too, but I haven't had the chance to listen to any, I'm too busy playing my games!

    5 Stars
    ARC Mayflower

    Love it! Very easy to set up and works great with my DT 990 PRO 250.

    5 Stars
    Mayflower Arc

    Clean and simple solution, In both form and function.

    5 Stars
    ARC the Dac/amp built for gamers

    At first I wasn't impressed, Got my standard lineup ready , all the snooty standard FLAC files that the audiophiles love to play to evaluate new equipment, Hotel California, Money for nothing etc. and put on my DT880 headphones. Treble seemed slighty bright and etched , mid bass sounded a tad hollow, soundstand was narrowish but adaquate. I sighed thinking I just wasted over 200 dollars on a product that other people like but I didn't due to the fact I'm too damn picky and decided to play a game of Overwatch. Shortly thereafter I began to understand. This is what the little ARC is made for , crisp music , accurate footsteps, no weird USB mic dongle , My mod mic sounded better than ever , dialog was clear , even the DSP bass boost made explosions come alive, This is what sound in games should be . After I won my match I smiled and thought first impressions aren't always correct. This tiny black box is a welcome addition to my gaming desk.

    5 Stars
    Fantastic DAC for gamers

    Just got my ARC today. Shipping was quick. I have to say I love this little box. I started off using a dedicated soundcard for gaming, then moved to a MixAmp Pro TR. Night and day difference in clarity. The MixAmp's best feature was being able to mix game chat with game audio but I found I really didn't use it all that much and the sound really wasn't that great. Having the mic input on the ARC really separates it from other DACs I researched. DSP definitely adds a little punch to the bass. I've only had it for a day but I'm very impressed! I'm only driving ATH-50X's and SuperLux 650B's but my Massdrop Senn HD6XX are on the way, can't wait to see what they sound like with an without them. Thank you Mayflower for thinking about us gamers who also like to listen to music!!!

    5 Stars
    First day

    Spent one day with it so far. Used USB on low gain setting with my Fidelio X2 and ModMic 5. Friends noticed a change in microphone quality, saying it was clearer and sounded more accurate to my voice. I noticed some noise when using windows self-listening feature, but haven't tried any recording yet. Friends heard me with software noise cancellation enabled, so hard to say. Audio quality; definitely an improvement over my onboard. I had solid on-board audio with a Maximus VIII Hero, but o immediately noticed richer sounds. Sound stage seemed very slightly improved, while retaining a rich feel. Bass was a big improvement for some reason, not sure why my on-board cut so much of it down. Never turned knob more than 1/3 of its full range, yet was more than enough. Tried the bass boost feature, wasn't a huge fan. If I ever felt the need for it, I would try it. Only complaint was turning on the bass boost resulted in the headphones becoming "mute" for 5-10 seconds. Rather large delay where you can't hear a thing before it kicks in, not sure if that is typical or if something is up with mine. So far, very happy with the purchase, will need more time to play with it, if anything changes I'll add another review down the road.