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Each cable is hand made in the USA. 1 hour of labor goes into each cable and is made using the highest quality parts.
Each connector is a gold plated and uses a real carbon fiber jack, your choice of termination in 3.5mm (1/8″) or 6.5mm (1/4″). 6 feet of Canare Star Quad cable wrapped in smooth black and grey paracord cable. Each connection is heatshrunk and soldered with Cardas Eutectic Silver solder.
The stock Fostex cables leave much to be desired and are prone to failing (some right from the factory). This cable is built to last and made to order. If you would like something custom (example a different color paracord cable) please contact us and we'll get it tailored to your specifications.
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5 Stars
Upgrade cable befitting the Fostex V3 mod.

Significant quality improvement over the oem cable. A proper match to these superlative headphones. It is nice to have a reliable source for highly crafted audio components like Mayflower in the USA.

5 Stars
Perfect cable at the perfect price

It took a little while to arrive, but this cable is well worth the wait. The fit is perfect and the sound is much improved. First off, the cable just feels infinitely superior to the black factory Fostex T50RP - this is a little thicker and more rigid (in a good way). The connectors are solid and nice to look at (the carbon fiber is DAAAMN nice). The paracord looks stunning and makes me feel safer using my headphones with stuff lying around. Microphonics are improved, which was the main reason aside from length I went with this option - I have a wireless charger on my desk and the stock cable got mutilated whenever it was used. Sound is also improved. You can tell this is made with high quality materials. The soundstage on my T50RPs are opened up and they reveal more transient detail. Porcupine Tree's Atlanta becomes the wide open masterpiece I always knew it was. If I have to complain about one thing, the cable doesn't lock in like the stock Fostex one, but the fit is snug anyway and machining in the lock notch into the connector would've raised the price. I won't say it's like a new pair of headphones, because a cable just can't do that, but it's far and away the best cable you're going to find at this price for these headphones.

5 Stars

Hi, guys, im from India im regular buyer from mayflowerelectronics and Tyler Chilton is cool guy lets come to the cable its handmade and perfect fit and it improves the sound quality in bass side I think im, not an audiophile but I own some good audio gears