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From the success of the Objective2 we learned the community really enjoys the product’s clean sound from our desktop devices. The Objective2 was originally designed as a portable amplifier, so we took a lot of the audio philosophies from it and rolled them into this product. The heart of the circuit (the OP-amp) is fundamentally the most important part when it comes to sound quality. Why mess with what isn’t broken? We use the same 4556 OP-amp as in the Objective2 products. It is specially made to drive headphones and is easy on power which allows us to get 8-10 hours per charge off of a single 9v 250mAh battery. Unlike the Objective2, the Mayflower CMOY is actually small enough to fit inside a pocket (about half the size of a cigarette box). For more specifications, check the description below.
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5 Stars

Just received my Version 2 headset. I played some music by Yoko Kanno a was pleased by the the clarity of the highs and lows. The mids are flat and the singing voices crisp. These headphones for me have right amount of highs and lows without being muddled or harsh. I use the CMOY amp. by Mayflower to power the headphones and there is no problem pushing these headphones. Very comfortable headphones with the version 3 EarPads and headband. Great job Tyler and his team at Mayflower.

4 Stars

I've been around in audio, and I have only mainly been a guy who will only spend $200 on audio equipment. Otherwise, I usually don't agree with it. So going into this I felt pretty confident, and after seeing Tek Syndicates' stuff with the Audiophile Discussion(in which I still disagree with) I figured I'd buy a Portable Amp for tuning. I am someone who enjoys coloring my sound at times. This Amp isn't intended for that, but if you use the amp, and use a proper EQ Bench for your phone, or device, the Amp will work along with it. Now personally my only issue is the price. I can't stand that it breaches the $90 door with a full package, I heavily believe that $80 is the right spot, and a proper knock on the door to any newbie, and a friendly greeting to the hipster who wants to run his <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">DT880</a>, or <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">HD650</a> around town and have pretty sound. All in all, I'd like to see a price change, but I'm happy with the product.

5 Stars
Tyler Chilton

I am fairly new to the world of headphone audio. So I can't give you comparisons with a lot of different equipment offerings out there, but, I will say this. I am currently looking to choose a headphone upgrade from my <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Audio Technica ATH AD700</a>s, so I have auditioned some world class headphones with various amps (Woo, Leimann, etc.) and this little COMY amp sounds just as good as the others in the $600 to $1000 price range. They have made my Audio Technicas come alive. The base is full with plenty of punch, but alway tight and never bloated. The midrange is silky and the highs are sweet. There is lots of separation between the instruments and I am hearing little nuances in the music I wasn't hearing before. This little amp is highlighting my headphones' shortcomings. My desire to upgrade my headphones has increased because of this little amp. I would highly recommend this amp to anyone. It is one of the rare bargains in the audio market. If they make one as portable as this, with a build in DAC, I will buy that as well. From build quality to the sound, it is a great product!