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Stand alone ODAC, standard 3.5mm output. The enclosure is black aluminum and includes 4 rubber feet. Ferrite USB Cable is included.

The ODAC was designed by nwavguy and has the same objectives as the Objective2 amp. It brings benchmark performance for reasonable costs in a small form factor.

ASIO Drivers Available Here – http://bit.ly/1EVs0u0
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5 Stars
What a upgrade!

I combined this dac to my oldschool HI-Fi Radiotehnika pre- and endamp with Audes floor speakers and wow! Sound is so accurate now, that is on of the biggest thing I noticed. You can distinguish every detail. What a great work. Thank you mayflower

5 Stars

This is an improvement over the on board system sound card. Connected this to the Objective2 Headphone AMP and now I enjoy my ITunes music and videos better then ever.

5 Stars
Very accurate, natural sounding DAC

Originally purchased this DAC to interface with a NAD C316 BEE and a home theater PC, but enjoyed it so much I decided to buy the O2 headphone amp to pair with it. I listen with headphones at my desk much more than the NAD. The two make a great combination. Very accurate and detailed sound. Love the compact size too!

5 Stars
Beautiful sound

Great sounding. Music and vocal are very well balanced. Best DAC so far. My setup, foobar-asio-odac-tube amp-monitor audio speaker

4 Stars
odac rev b stand alone

well, the first DAC i've see without an LED to confirm it has a signal so minimal indeed, but through the matching mayflower head amp is opening up very nicely indeed. Seems to enjoy a broad range of source material and is surprisingly spacious.

5 Stars

Coming from onboard ALC 892 audio to a dedicated DAC like this made a huge improvement in my audio quality. Highs and midrange frequencies are much clearer and less blended together and the bass is a little tighter. It's hard to explain in a small written review what this DAC actually sounds like but I'd recommend it 100 times over because of it's absolutely stunning performance.

5 Stars

Great DAC so far. I immediately noticed the difference between this and my home theater receiver's own DAC. Sound is more textured and the bass extends much further. If you're looking to get more out of your system without breaking the bank, look no further.

5 Stars

I replaced my headamp picoDAC with this ODAC. It was a noticeable step up for much less money. Lower frequencies feel as if they are more textured, there is more separation between instruments. Everything feels a bit more dynamic.

5 Stars

I use the o2 amp connected to an oDAC in my office and listened with a Beyerdnamic DT1350 for over 6 months, average 3 hours a day. There was a few days of breaking-in, then it is excellent. everybody I showed the combo to thinks it is too good. even compared to my sony ma-900 with Xonar STX. definitely a nice set up for indoor use. I can tell the difference if playing music through only the Amp. It sounds better with the oDAC connected. I am not an audio pro, so i can't describe with words. But it just sound "accurate" to me to have these three mentioned connected together. Tyler is very helpful and replies extremely fast. Great service.