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All units are hand tested before shipment to ensure functionality. 10 Year warranty still applies. Please note that the optical port is recessed into the unit slightly and that larger optical cables might not connect properly. Please make sure to use a smaller optical cable or purchase one of our own cables to make a proper fit.

ARC (Aural Resonance Cascade) is a project 2 years in the making. Over the years of selling our famous Objective2 and ODAC line of products we've received incredible feedback and suggestions in how to improve our products. We took all of it and designed a completely new platform from the ground up, only carrying over the enclosure from the Objective2 line. Our main focus was with the ARC was to bring in modern design and components, doing it better than the competition. We've somehow packed a powerful headphone amplifier, ultra-clean DAC, Microphone ADC and RCA jacks into an extremely small box, all while being made in the USA.

ARC Features:
  • Built with a driverless DAC compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and the PS4.
  • High output headphone amplifier with 1 watt of power at 32 ohms.
  • Built-in bass boost DSP (Digital Sound Processor).
  • Handmade and individually tested in our US-based facility.
  • Digital Volume Control
  • Smart Sensing RCA Output Jacks
  • Optical (Toslink) Input
  • 100-240v 50-60hz power supply US Type Plug
  • Frequency Response: +/-0.05 dB (20Hz-20kHz)
  • THD 1 Khz 150 Ohms: 0.0026%
  • IMD CCIF 15 Ohms: 0.0007%
  • IMD SMPTE: 0.001%
  • Noise 24/96 (A Weighted): -109 dBu
  • Max Output (32 Ohms) : 1W (THD+N < 0.003%)
  • Max Output (150 Ohms): 365 mW (THD+N < 0.003%)
  • Max Output (600 Ohms): 92 mW (THD+N < 0.003%)
  • Output Impedance: 0.096 ohms
  • Crosstalk (150 ohms) : -65 dB
  • Channel Balance (50% volume): 0.2 dB
  • Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): > 120 dB
  • Linearity Error: -90 dBFS 24/96 -0.1 dB
  • USB Jitter Components: 11025Hz -112dB
  • RCA Line out: 1V RMS
Audio formats
  • USB: 24/96, 24/48 - Driverless
  • Optical: 24/192, 24/96, 24/48, 24/44.1, 16/192, 16/96, 16/48, 16/44.1
  • Compatible with ASIO4ALL
  • 4.25” W x 3.25” L x 1.25” H
  • Weight: 8.5 oz.
Power Supply
  • 100-240v 50-60hz US style plug. (Use US to local plug adapter if needed)
  • 5v DC, 2A with 6.5ft (2 Meter) long cable
Current Stock:
Weight: 1.01 LBS
Width: 4.25
Height: 3.25
Depth: 1.20

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5 Stars
Do it

Super pleased. It's an incredibly clean sounding amp that can power almost anything you throw at it. The audio is powerful and clear. DSP mode is welcome for gaming (hunt showdown is fantastic with this and Sennheiser PC37x) but too bass-heavy for my ears with music, however, it's a button you toggle so it's not a burden to move it between gaming and whatever else you're doing. The customer service is very responsive and helpful - you're supported. I had a great customer support experience with them. The 10 year warranty speaks for itself. This is my first desktop amp so I can't compare it to others, but am super pleased with the purchase as it stands and love switching out headphones with it to hear the character of different headphones in different music. I chose this over the sennheiser Gsx1000 because it was simpler, with superior mic processing, amp power and DAC, and because of the 10 year warranty. Virtual surround sound sounded neat, but broke my immersion in my games the moment I heard vocals. I chose audio quality and longevity over surround sound.

5 Stars
A great amp backed by great customer service.

I really liked the ARC, refurbished is as advertised: basically new. Mine had a small scratch on top that was barely noticeable and that I didn't care about. Performance was great, audio out of my headphones and speakers was excellent. I had some issues with the mic input, but that may have been specific to my system. I really applaud the idea of having one, and I wish more AMP/DACs had a mic input. Ultimately, I ended up going with something else and returned my ARC due to a few little things. The one that decided it for me was that the ARC disables windows volume control: a relatively small matter that just didn't work well for my purposes. Mayflower's customer service is easily some of the best I've ever had, they are super quick to respond and very helpful. Due to the high quality of this product and their customer support (plus a 10-year warranty!), I would absolutely recommend the ARC and I look forward to buying from Mayflower in the future.

5 Stars
Refurb ARC

Works as advertised no issues. Looks brand new even though it's a refurb. Gives my ATH-ADG1 the extra power for great sound when gaming and listening to Tidal Music. I would buy again.