Introducing the ARC Mini

Small but powerful amplifier, the ARC Mini combines the best features of the full sized model with a new design and price point. A USB-C cable carries both power and data for clean and simple audio. The ARC Mini does not have microphone capabilities.

arc mini

Main Features

700mW of Power

700mW of power (at 32 ohms) means the ARC mini can power nearly any headphone on the market, regardless of impedance or sensitivity.

Driverless with nearly all sources

Plug and play operation with all desktop operating systems, (windows, linux mac), PS4 and PS5.

USB-C and Analog input

Enjoy a simple USB-C digital input that carries both power and data as well as an analog 3.5mm jack that can act as either an input or output port.

Programmable DSP and Equaliizer

A custom program allows you to update firmware, adjust DSP and custom EQ settings.

Made in the USA

Made in Guilford CT, assembled in Amsterdam NY each unit is hand tested before shipping to ensure the best quality.

10 Year Warranty

Each ARC mini has a 10 year warranty, making the ARC mini the best value amplifier on the market.

Fine tune the ARC mini

Downloadable software allows you to upgrade and update the firmware, adjust the EQ and much more! Program is free (and always will be) and completely optional.


Coming Soon

Best Price Starting At $129.99