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  • Built with a driverless DAC compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and the PS4.
  • High output headphone amplifier with 1 watt of power at 32 ohms.
  • Built-in bass boost DSP (Digital Sound Processor) and digital volume control.
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Product Specs

Optical Input

Great for consoles

Microphone Input

Amplifies and cleans up microphone signal

Digital Volume Control

Precise adjustment with no imbalance

RCA Output Jacks

Perfect for powered desktop speakers

Dual Gain Settings

Allows you to get the maximum performance to each headphone

Analog Microphone Out

Flexibility to use other devices

About this Product

  • Handmade and individually tested in our US-based facility.
  • We ship worldwide. We ship to more than 180 countries and shipping is automatically calculated at checkout.

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