Desktop Objective2

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The Desktop Objective2 has every feature that the Objective2 amplifier can provide. The convenient 6.5mm jack means you don’t need to use adapters anymore. Included is an upgraded aluminium metal knob pre-fitted to the amplifier. Input is provided by the 3.5mm input jack.
Includes a power supply (Please choose US, EU/UK or AU plug-type below). The EU/UK and AU power adapters are rated for 220-240v at 50hz.
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5 Stars
Desktop objective2 amp

Effortlessly drives my HD600 and K501 to the required levels, with a nice sturdy metal case. Mayflower logo is on the bottom, I would not have mind it being on top. Overall a recommended product!

5 Stars
The Best

I bought 2 of these as I just couldn't get enough, one for my self and one for a friend. A must have for Audiophile headphone enthusiast.

5 Stars
This amp is a keeper

I am pairing this amp with the standalone odac and could not be happier. I call it the "Mayflower stack" (although I don't stack them). Sound is incredible. It has taken me many years to find a suitable dac/amp combo, be it an all-in-one or separates. This amp has no channel imbalance that I can detect with any of my headphones. Very pleased with the sound and quality.

5 Stars
Ob2 amp

Great amp for the price, no complaints here.

5 Stars

I bought one of these because the onboard headphone amp on my Realtek ALC 892 was kinda garbage when it came to driving my Sennheiser HD 518's. After buying this amplifier I can say even without the ODAC there is a noticeable improvement in sound quality, the sound is more textured and cleaner that the onboard headphone amp ever was and the build quality seems pretty good. The power output is also pretty ridiculous, turned up half way with the default gain setting is enough to drive my HD 518's well into distortion. Overall I'd recommend this product 100 times over for it's simple design and rock solid performance.