Fostex T50RP - Mod Kit


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Our Fostex modification kit gives you the necessary materials to perform most modifications to your set of headphones.

  • Please note that the baffle cover upgrades are made from a die cut machine and match perfectly to the Mk3 baffles.

  • Includes:
    • Roughly 25 grams of Newplast Clay
    • Stick on soft and stiff felt
    • SilverStone Dampening Foam
    • Rolled Cotton
    This mod kit will work on all version of the Fostex Mk2 and Mk3 series of headphones. With the Mk3 headphones we have a material upgrade for the inner baffle foam. With our testing we have found our material provides a boost in sound quality and is easily installed.

    See our YouTube video on our modification guide here –
  • Mod Kit Printout: Here
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    5 Stars
    makes modding easy

    It does exactly whats it says. Plenty of supplies to get the sound your looking for from the T50RP

    5 Stars
    T50RP mod 1

    I wasted a lot of time wondering whether or not to do this mod. I also wasted time with trying to find local materials and trying step mods I had seen on the internet. Don't waste your this mod kit and get your T50RP's sounding right. I did love them stock but this kit brought out all the good. Way more enjoyable. Absolutely add the pads. Stock pads do not do this kit justice. I did the baffle kit for my mkiii's. I followed their video on YouTube and was done in about an hour. Only thing I had to play with was the amount of cotton......which ended up just about none for me. I'm very happy with these cans now....very lively!

    5 Stars
    Great kit

    Awesome kit to improve the sound of your T50RPs, While the Youtube video is easy to follow, the only thing I wish they included in the mod kit is a size diagram for the cut out felt pieces. They show them in the beginning of the video, but as to what size exactly and what shape to cut the pieces, is up to you to figure out through trial and error. So even just a simple crudely drawn diagram/outline of the pieces to cut that can be copied and included in each kit would be great for future customers to take the guess work out of the mod. regardless of this, it's an excellent mod kit and they do include enough extra felt for if you do make a mistake and cut a piece too small or incorrectly, to try again.

    5 Stars
    T50 mod

    Great price to start modding your mk3's. they provide you a lot of excess materials which is nice if you mess up. I did my mod based on the youtube video mayflower did. Although, modding around the cups is great, but the mods on the driver is complete trash (lost all bass). did a lot of experimentation to get the bass back, but that's the fun of modding. A lot of trial and error makes modding so fun. Highly recommend of you're interested in modding

    5 Stars
    Great kit really makes a huge difference and leaves the guess work out.

    This kit is amazing. I have been on headfi looking around for the instructions but they are very lackluster. If you have a pair of t50,t40,t20's and want to mod the drivers get this kit and do each mod 1 at a time to get a feel for the changes and fine tune it based on what you find to suit your taste. Thank You for making this kit Mayflower it has helped out a lot!

    5 Stars
    Extremely worthwhile modification.

    Hi, Just wanted to leave a quick note of thanks to Mayflower Electronics for this mod kit. I followed the directions from the YouTube link provided and completed the mod in about 3 hours time. The YouTube video shows the process step by step and nothing was too complicated. The results are very much worth all of the effort. Sound is subjective but everything sounds so much cleaner and clearer after the mod. Everything in this mod kit is reversible but once you install it you won't want to change back guaranteed. :) All 5 out of 5 stars given for the mod and for Mayflower making the process so easy.