Fostex T50RP Mk. III - Version 3 (Bass Model)


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When Fostex released their original T50RP headphones, it was quickly found out modifying the headphones with orthodynamic drivers would vastly increase the sound quality. It changed the dynamic of how we look at headphones and we have created a name for ourselves modifying the older version. Now with the new Mk3 T50RP headphones from Fostex, we wanted to take the sound levels up even further than previous models, and we have successfully done so.

With our modifications we do similar internal modifications as the older models with moderate changes to the mass loading and baffle modifications. Luckily Fostex has upgraded the headband to something that is more than comfortable enough, so we have decided to leave that alone. Unfortunately Fostex has dropped the ball again on ear-pad quality. Better than the older versions but still nothing near what we want in a headphone pad. For our V3 (bass model) we tested many different pads and we settled on the same V3 pads as our older version. These pads are made out of pleather and have memory foam cushion.

The version 3 is our bass heavy sounding model with a “V” shaped sound signature. This means the bass is elevated, mids are slightly lowered and has slightly higher treble than the stock T50RP.

Included with the headphones is the stock 1/4″ (6.5mm) cable and mobile 3.5mm cable, but we do suggest grabbing the V-Moda Audio only cable as an upgrade which you can find here or order it below in the options.

Please note that stock T50RP's are back-ordered everywhere, we can get them but takes about 1 week to arrive with each batch. headphones are made to order!
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5 Stars
V3's will rattle your fillings out

Hands down the most bass I've ever heard from a headphone. Maybe you've heard more, I haven't. I am pushing these with a Topping DX-3 pro. Most reviews say these are hard to drive, but the .7 watt per 32 ohm Topping drives them to louder volumes than I can tolerate. An amp is a must, no volume to speak of straight from a phone or pc. If you want bass stop looking, you found it. These have a heavy V-shape sound. Mids are not detailed. Rock and bass driven tracks are best for these. Really fun cinema Headphones as well. The ear pads are very comfy and quality. Although I did swap them for zmf angled fat pads. Like on the Mad Dogs. Sound didn't change much, maybe more bass less mids. Not a drastic change. I did check the fq range with audio tests. I personally could hear around 110k hertz and down to about 10 hertz, maybe a touch lower. I have no reference to unmodded Fostex. Very good communication when asked questions to Mayflower. The owner personally answered my email. These are my first planar headphones, can't compare to others myself. Build quality is very nice and solid. I ordered the comfort strap but was a little disappointed in how soft it was, so I did not install it. Also the factory strap is not bad. I would not call these studio reference. This are a jamming out to music or movies set. They do not crack or pop hiss or hiccup under any circumstances I've found. Throw what you can at them if you can tolerate it the volume. They are a little heavy and with the leather get sweaty. Clamp force is perfect for my tastes. Not tight, not loose.

5 Stars
Very good quality for my first planar magnetic headphones

This is my very first planar headphone and I do not have any idea on how other brands sound like. I am very impressed on how the V-shape sound signature is produced and this convinced me that mayflower electronics did a a very good job in modifying this headphone. It is also very comfy to wear. I use it it mainly for desktop gaming, watching movies and sometimes listening to music with a stock bravo audio V2 as my amp. I also noticed that this headphone works well enough with windows sonic but is probably not enough for serious gamers looking for precise directional audio. It also adjusts well with eq settings to tame the Bass if needed when listening to music. It delivers that boomy explosion sound in games and movies without being muddy. Price point is good enough for people looking for their first planar headphone.

4 Stars
Fostex V3 headphones

After purchasing the Desktop Objective2 with ODAC Rev B. with seemingly perfect output to my accurately flat AKG K702 headphones, I thought I'd try these Fostex V3s as a more bass enabled compliment. My first impression was how much detail they reproduced from the planar magnetic drivers. The V3s compared to the K702s deliver enhanced bass notes as per the music. Not boomy. Not muddy. Bottom line is that I really enjoy these headphones and the impeccable Desktop Objective2 with ODAC Rev B. If the ear pads were more breathable and the cable was nicer, I would give 5 stars.

5 Stars

These headphones are amazing. I've wanted to get my hands on a pair ever since seeing the MK2s featured on Tek Syndicate, and finally decided to treat myself after seeing Joker's new reivew now that the MK3s are out. Before buying these, my daily driver headphones were Bose QC15s combined with some heave EQ tweaking to give them the "V" sound signature that I love. I'd tried about ten different pairs of headphones in the last two years ranging in price from about $150 up to $300, but always kept going back to the Bose. But from the moment I put these on I knew they were something special. These are the first pair of headphones that have made me put my QC15s away in favor of something else. These pack so much punch with such great detail it's ridiculous. My music sounds better than ever. I was able to completely disable my EQ and just listen to these headphones right out of the box. The bass in these headphones packs a powerful punch, but there is never any sign of distortion from being too loud, and it's never overpowering. On top of sounding great, these are also incredibly comfortable. The ear pads are like giant pillows. I can barely feel these sitting on my head, despite them being bigger than most of my other pairs of headphones. I can confidently say that these are the most comfortable pair of headphones that I own, and have quickly become my new favorites. A few recommendations for anyone considering the purchase for themselves: First, you should get the V Moda Cable. Yes, it adds a bit to the cost, but neither of the two default cables are very good. The long quarter-inch cable is flimsy and I feel like it's going to break if I look at it the wrong way. The 3.5mm cable is so short that it's almost unusable. The VModa cable is plenty long and is made of good quality materials. The second recommendation for any potential buyer is that these headphones are very difficult to drive, so make sure you have a good amp. I have the Mayflower O2/ODAC Rev B and it's able to provide plenty of power to these. If you think you'll be able to use your computer or phone's built-in headphone jack, you're mistaken. I look forward to many years of listening to these wonderful headphones. Great work on the modification, Mayflower! TL;DR: I love these headphones. Highly recommended as long as you get the V Moda cable and have a good amp.