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The Objective2 (O2) is an open source amplifier designed by NwAvGuy, focusing on benchmark performance and low cost. The end product is a solid, un-colored amplifier that boasts some of the best measured performance in it's category.
Standard model includes a new black metal case, brushed aluminium front panel and a rubber volume knob.
Includes a power supply (Please choose US, EU/UK or AU plug-type below). The EU/UK and AU power adapters are rated for 220-240v at 50hz.
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Weight: 1.50 LBS
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5 Stars
It is a good headphone amplifier

I received and used Objective 2 for one week. It is a very good production. It has very low noise (can't heard), very low distortion, flat frequency response. I used it for Sennheiser HD 600. It is very good match.

5 Stars

Needed some extra power for my AKG 612 Pro's and this little thing delivered. Just buy this thing, you'll never regret it.