V-Moda Audio Only Cable - Fostex T50RP Replacement Cable


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This v-moda cable replaces the stock cable for the Fostex T50RP. It has a 45 degree angle connector to fit as flush as possible with the headphone. Will come in black or black/grey depending on availability.
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5 Stars
Very nice

This cable is well worth the price, This strong and thick cord leads me to believe it will last a very long time without any significant damage or wear.

5 Stars
Great cable

Very nice feeling, took a while to get the cable though, might be just because of where i live. I am very happy with my purchase!

5 Stars
Affordable improvement over stock cable.

Excellent alternative to the bulky stock cable and much more flexible and attractive looking. Not sure there was a sonic improvement but it's still highly recommended for aesthetics and flexibility. 5 out of 5 stars given for a great suggestion from Mayflower. Thank you

5 Stars
V-moda audio only, T50rp replacement cable

Great build quality, nice soft cable coating stops microphonics from getting in the way of your music when knocked against something.

5 Stars

Great cable, high build quality and shipped quickly.