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DIY Objective2 Kit Power Supply

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Want to build it yourself? This is a convenient one stop shop for all necessary parts and accessories. All components are in a separate bag, and labeled, making it easy to assemble.

Options include adding an ODAC, Rear Power, 6.5mm jack and RCA’s. Choosing this option includes a brand new ODAC Rev B., USB cable, Nylon screw, and CNC’d aluminium panel for the ODAC as well as the standard DIY o2 kit. All other options include hardware and custom CNC’d panels.

Includes: Objective2 PCB All Components to Make an Objective2 Front Power Rubber Black w/ White Stripe Volume Knob Black Aluminum Case Black Front and Rear Panels 120 US Power Supply

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4 Stars

The DIY project is a good project, follow the instructions from JDS Labs ( if you got a custom kit. The service has been absolutely the best I have ever seen. If you have a question, send a IM on Skype and you will get an answer instantly. - When I recived my kit, the volume knob was missing. Thanks, Simon

4 Stars

This project is super easy. It's like paint by numbers. All the parts come in numbered bags. Just match the numbered bag parts with the number on the board and solder in. If you can solder RC stuff then you can do this. I would have given this a 5/5, but, mine arrived missing the 2 3.5mm headphone jacks. Also I think they should add an option for the 2 9 volt rechargeable batteries. When they say "This is a convenient one stop shop for all necessary parts and accessories." and the batteries aren't in the options I assumed they were included with the kit. One thing is for sure these guys have excellent customer service. <strong>Admin Response - The 9v batteries are available in the accessories section of the website, and we don't offer an option because you cannot use batteries with the O2 when an ODAC is installed (there is not enough room). Thanks!</strong>

5 Stars

Just wanted to chime in to say I had a great experience dealing with Mayflower. O2 ODAC kit arrived promptly with absolutely nothing missing and all parts bagged separately and labelled perfectly - very helpful. The parts reflect the very latest BOM (12/2011). Also, I had a few questions (even one dumb one) both before and after the sale and I couldn't believe how fast they responded! They were very patient and thorough with their answers. I highly recommend Mayflower and I'd order again in a heartbeat.